Building for the future of gun rights and commerce.

We own a design agency and product studio that supports gun owners and businesses.

About us
Our mission

Purpose & Mission

The gun industry is an innovative and invigorating space.

However, creating and operating a gun business isn’t easy. Gun businesses have been banned from major marketing, payment, e-commerce, and social platforms because of the vertical they operate in. Our industry has been left with product and marketing strategies that existed before the internet, which makes a hard task even harder: building and scaling a business.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Gun owners and businesses want the tools and platforms that are necessary to thrive.

Tracer is here to do just that. We split our time doing two things: We consult with brands to design solutions that reach new and existing gun owners. And, we build products to broaden gun culture and fortify gun commerce.

We’re showing the world just how fun and fulfilling gun ownership and business can be. Join us as we build a more gun-friendly future, together.

Operating values

Your next move, our mission.

Top-notch quality

We always strive to deliver the industry-leading design and technical implementation.

Lightning fast

We carry speed and momentum, without sacrificing quality.


You can rely on us to provide insight as consultants, partners, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Passionate work

We genuinely care about your business, and want to see it succeed.

What is digital infrastructure?

We believe alt-tech will amplify gun commerce and rights.

Everything from websites to job boards – We provide tools, platforms, and services that support gun owners, gun companies, and gun commerce. Why does it matter?

Because it broadens the reach of gun culture and creates new gun owners

Because it creates new opportunity and makes it easier to start a business

Because it helps businesses scale and outperform their competition

Because it fortifies gun rights and gun commerce

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